Abu Dhabi Hummer Desert Safari

Hummer Safari Tours are preferred by those who need excellence

Are you looking for Hummer adventure in Abu Dhabi? Yes, there is a chance to enjoy an eventful ride in this superb vehicle. The tour opens a new dimension to the Desert fun. You can hire exclusive vehicles that are assigned to your group. Yes, it is a personalized trip where you need not wait for people to assemble. The vehicle would come to your doorsteps and the adventure begins.
Travelling on the well-maintained highway in a Hummer would be an overwhelming experience. The journey is incredibly smooth and high-speed. The car moves almost noiselessly on the smooth road, and you reach the entry point to Al Khateem Desert in merely an hour.
Yes, now the smooth time is over. You should fasten the seat-belts for a bumping-and-jumping ride. However, the Hummer is quite a smooth vehicle, and the drivers are quite experienced. The rugged desert terrain doesn’t trouble you much. Hence, you have only fun and no worries!

Several types of Hummer Safari Tours are there to choose from

  • Morning Hummer Safari: The tour is relatively inexpensive and you are supposed to pay 1500 to 1900 AED, 01 - 04 persons / 05 - 06 Persons . Start at 8 AM and come back in the afternoon. It is a short, but crisp tour to the widespread desert. Morning tour includes attractions like Dune Bashing, a visit to the camel farm and Falcon Show (optional). Some tour operators offer snacks and refreshments.
  • Evening Hummer Safari: It is also a short tour that brings the beauty of the sand in the dusky sunlight. The highlight of this tour is an amazing sunset in the Desert of Arabia. Witness the spectacular scene and admire the wonders of nature. A quick tour to the Camel Farm and Falcon Show are also included in the tour program. Evening Hummer Safari is great for people who are running short of time but do not want to miss this amazing experience. Cost: 2200 to 2500 AED, 01 - 04 persons / 05 - 06 Persons
  • Overnight Hummer Safari: Travel experts admire the Overnight Hummer Safari because it opens multiple facets of the Al Khateem Desert. Cultural activities, food and beverages, dance and music, and Henna Tattoos and Group photographs; everything is there for you.  When you stay in the well-maintained tents, the experience is just incomparable. Spending the night in a starry night takes you to another world. Though it is the most expensive and the longest tour, it is worth if it is a “once in the lifetime tour” to Abu Dhabi. Typically, the tours charge you 2700 to 3100 AED, 01 - 04 persons / 05 - 06 Person. The charges are inclusive to all and for 4 and 6 packs respectively.
  • Dune Bashing Hummer Safari: If you want to have just a glimpse of Dune Bashing experience in Hummer vehicle, then you should book a Done Bashing Trip.  Pay AED 1500 to 1900, 01 - 04 persons / 05 - 06 Personand travel t the gigantic dunes in a private Hummer. Enjoy bashing for 45 minutes, enjoy delicious snacks and cold drinks; and come back to Abu Dhabi.

When you want a luxurious safari experience, there is no substitute to Hummer Safari tours.




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