Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Or Dubai ?

While most of the tourists who come to Abu Dhabi and Dubai want go to desert safari because it is something inimitable and impressive. Spending full day (or night) in the widespread stretch of sand and feeling the toughness of life is an experience worth taking. People usually keep one or two days spare for this out-of-the-world tour. Though Dubai and Abu Dhabi desert safari tours look almost identical (at least tour operators project so), there are a few distinctive differences. It is important that tourists must know it before booking a tour.

Well, surely you don’t worry about costs while travelling. However, it is important that you get at least the right value for money. Abu Dhabi operators are in general costlier than Dubai. In some cases, overall cost appaears to be the same, but there are fine prints that you don’t read while signing contracts. Either at Dubai, they do not provide the services they charge for or offer substandard services. For example, some of the so-called ‘cost friendly’ operators arrange bus service instead of private cars. Also, they don’t pickup from the place you stay, but start from a common place (usually their office) and drop you at the same point. On the contrary, Abu Dhabi operators provide 4x4 luxury class vehicles (all world-known brands) and pick you up and drop at the hotel.

When you are travelling, comfort and class of services matter the most. Abu Dhabi tours are much better on these aspects compared to Dubai. You get fabulous food there (generally there are a variety of options), tents are quite better, dance and music are far superior. Henna tattoo artists are proficient and the belly dancers are ‘top in the town’. DJ and live music artists play the best numbers for you to make it a grand occasion.

Abu Dhabi desert challenges your nerves in must intensive way than Dubai. Experts say that dune bashing in Abu Dhabi is very thrilling and nerve-taking here. Moreover, here tourists get a chance to have fun for more than an hour whereas in Dubai most of the operators have it just for the sake of formality. Tourists have to be satisfied with a short trip of 15-20 minutes. Dunes in Abu Dhabi are one of the largest in the world and the feel of the thrill is simply overwhelming. It is like riding the toughest rollercoaster in the world!

Abu Dhabi desert safari destinations are located at a convenient distance and the road is just fabulous. The journey itself is tremendously exciting when you get a chance to look at the world-famous oil pipelines that carry crude oil from the wells. There are many picturesque places on the way and it is impossible to control the temptation of capturing those in the camera.
Ultimately you need the best deal for money spent. Hence, book Abu Dhabi desert safari today and get 100% return of every penny spent!

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